The first 50-minute appointment is simply a conversation regarding the history of your concerns, current issues and needs. Our office is discreet and private, and we take the confidentiality of your information very seriously.

You will be invited into our cosy treatment room by your psychologist and offered a seat on the couch. You and your psychologist will have a conversation about your reasons for attending our practice, and your hopes and expectations for treatment. If you have had previous experience of counselling, you will be encouraged to share your preferences with your psychologists so that we can ensure we meet your expectations.

You will be asked to sign our Client Consent Form¬†and/or Parent Consent Form which details the type and limitations of the service that we offer and you will be provided with a copy of our Privacy Policy and the Australian Psychological Society’s Charter for Clients.

Over the first few sessions, some focused goals will be clearly defined so that both you and your psychologist will have a shared understanding of aim of counselling for yourself or your child. You may be asked to complete online or pen-and-paper questionnaires to inform our assessment and development of treatment goals. Whilst the nature of counselling is sensitive, and you will be encouraged to be as open as possible with your psychologist, at no point during treatment will you be required to talk about or do anything that you do not feel comfortable with. In order to ensure continuous service improvement, we will occasionally seek your feedback by the completion of a client satisfaction survey.