Looking Glass Psychology provides secondary consultation for student wellbeing teams, child and family practitioners and other health professionals.

Secondary consultation is a process designed to assist staff in developing a clear and comprehensive formulation of their clients, giving weight to the personal history of each client. Subsequently we may contribute to development of a treatment plan or review an existing plan. When meeting with a care team, it is usual for teams to have a diversity of views about the best clinical approach. Secondary consultation aims to help teams to discuss all views and advise on a treatment plan based on a considered formulation.

Looking Glass Psychology secondary consultation can assist with:

  • clarification of formulation and diagnosis
  • treatment planning and review
  • discussion about clinical approaches
  • advice on therapeutic technique
  • setting up and supporting a treatment team
  • educational input as required.

Often, secondary consultation will help teams continue treatment successfully within the local area. However, sometimes the treating team may conclude that a referral to Looking Glass Psychology is indicated.

Secondary consultation may also assist staff in identifying other issues that have an impact on the treatment of clients. These may include conflict within or between teams, lack of appropriate support structures for staff, unclear policy and procedures, or a need for further staff training. In such instances, the manager or other senior staff may request further training, or involvement in policy development.

What types of secondary consultation are offered?

Secondary consultations may be episodic (one to two meetings) or may be contracted for several weeks as required. We may meet with the student wellbeing team, consult to a case conference or meet with a case manager.

Where do secondary consultations take place?

Most secondary consultations will take place at the school or community service provider location. If necessary, secondary consultations may be conducted via video conferencing or over the phone.

Contact Looking Glass Psychology via email to tamara@lookingglasspsychology.com.au to arrange a time for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your team’s secondary consultation needs.